How do I setup an Email Client for my domain?

You can use any email client that supports IMAP and SMTP protocols such as Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, or many other commercial packages.

  • Your mail server will be mail.yourdomainname.tld (replace yourdomainname.tld with your actual domain name)
  • Your username will be your full email address (i.e. yourusername@yourdomainname.tld)
  • Your password will be the account password setup for the email address.

Both IMAP and SMTP use STARTTLS encryption with normal passwords (sometimes referred to as "plain authentication").  Contrary to the assumption no passwords will be transferred plain text, as no authentication is allowed to take place without TLS encryption.

  • Username: yourusername@yourdomainname.tld
  • Password: (Your Email Account Password)
  • IMAP Hostname: mail.yourdomainname.tld
  • IMAP Port: 143 
  • IMAP Security: STARTTLS 
  • IMAP Authentication Method: Normal Password 
  • SMTP Hostname: mail.yourdomainname.tld
  • SMTP Port: 587 
  • SMTP Security: STARTTLS 
  • SMTP Authentication Method: Normal Password 
  • Webmail Alias: webmail.yourdomainname.tld

Congratulations, that should be all you need to be properly set up for your email account!

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